For Windows users who have experienced certainly already familiar with the Control Panel found in Windows. However, for new users of the Windows Operating System may still exist who do not know Whether the actual function of the Control Panel found in Windows. On this occasion I will explain the actual function of the Control Panel that of the Windows Operating System. In language Control Panel consists of mourning and said the Control Panel. Control is the action taken to Regulate, control, organize, and manage its resources. While the Panel means a container that displays anything. So, in a simple Control Panel can be interpreted as a container to manage all the resources that exist on a computer using the Windows operating system.

For Windows users, we can access the Control Panel on the Start Menus then click Control Panel. Generally Control Panel is a menu that is intended to the make the adjustment to the resources that we have on a computer. Control Panel is part of the Windows operating system, and has been applied in some Earlier versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and until the latest Windows Windows 10. So what is contained in the Windows Control Panel? The following is the full explanation.
Getting To Know The Function Of the Windows Contorl Panel

1. System and Security. System and Security is one of the menus contained in the Windows Control Panel. This field is used to set security on a computer that we have. Security includes protection against viruses, firewall computer, System, Windows Update settings, the data backup settings, battery settings, and so on. Set the security level in our computer system is a very important law. We can adjust the level of security on the computer by menu System and Security contained in the Control Panel.

2. Network and Internet. Network and Internet functions to the make settings in the Internet network. We can set the IP Address, Checking Network Status, setting, make arrangements for the sharing of the data, set the display to the Internet, and so forth. Network and Internet settings in the Windows Control Panel is very important, Because now every computer must be connected to the Internet. At the next opportunity will be explained how to configure the Network and Internet found in the Windows Control Panel.

3. Hardware and Sound. As the title Suggests, this area is used to display the status of the existing sound and hardware in our computer. Hardware and Sound can be used to add or remove devices. We can also update the latest drivers for the hardware found on the computers we have. In addition, we can the make other arrangements on all types of devices used in computers we have.

4. Programs. Programs on the control panel is used to organize the applications installed on the computer. Reviews These include change and delete settings. but we can also add some programs and the latest features In These Programs menu.

5. User Account and Family Safety. User Accounts, and Family safety use to set up a user account on the computer that is used to Prevent access to the computer of the person who is not desired. User Accounts, and Family safety Also part of the Windows Control Panel that serves to Regulate the security of the family, especially for monitoring children while using the computer.

6. Appearance and Personalize. Personalize Appearance and is part of the Windows Control Panel is used to set the display windows. The display settings include the election of the desktop image, desktop theme settings, display settings icon, taskbar, and others. Appearance and Personalize Correspond Essentially the Windows display settings.

7. Clock, Language and Region. Clock, Language and Region is part of the Windows Control Panel is used to set the time, the language used, and the zone region. Windows already can adjust the settings based on the type of language and region selected by the user.

8. Ease of Access. Ease of Access is part of the Windows Control Panel that serves to adjust the settings recommended by the windows in accordance with the resources installed on a computer.

Thus Spake the introduction and function - a function found in the Windows Control Panel. Please learn more in order to understand in more detail. Hopefully this article useful to us all.