Introduction Of Forex

Forex might be a foreign word to most people, even most people are unfamiliar with the word forex. Actually, what is meant by forex?, On this occasion I will give you an understanding and basic knowledge about forex. Forex is a word which is an acronym form of foreign exchange. Forex is an activity of exchange of foreign currency / foreign currency. Exchange foreign currency in the forex called the exchange.
As we all know money is a valid means of exchange. Money has two functions that is a function of internal and external functions. Internal function of money is the exchange of money for goods value, while the external value of money is the exchange rate with other currencies. The value of a country's currency exchange will vary with the value of another country's currency. As an example is Rupiah to USD. IDR exchange rate to USD always changes according to the prevailing exchange rate.


Forex developments in the world is growing rapidly, including in Indonesia. People who do forex trading more and more. Open forex market online, so everyone can trade on forex exchange anywhere for 24 hours Monday
, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Understanding of the financial system is a very important market for the forex trading. Users forex trading should be able to see opportunities in the exchange value of the currency. Forex trading activity it is an activity that is legal according to the rules of governance in the world.

Introduction of Forex

So, how the activities carried out in Forex, the following explanation:

1. Purchase in Forex
Actually forex activities already implemented and carried out by many people in daily life - today. Real examples of trading activity that is when you exchange money USD into Rupiah, or vice versa. The activity was indirectly is one form of implementation of forex currency trading. The money exchange activities are foreign exchange transactions with conventional direct way.
Whereas now we can trade forex using Forex. The forex market is open to everyone with an online service.

2. The object of trade in Forex
Each transaction must have an object that is bought and sold is included in Forex. The main object of which is traded in forex is money. Each country has its own currency at the exchange rate is always different every time. Increasingly modern era now allows for the exchange of money for every currency in the world.

3. Direction Transactions
Direction of forex transactions in shaping both directions. Perpetrators of forex trading should be put through the calculation precisely when they wanted to trade forex. If the calculation is not right then it will lose, however, if appropriate in the calculation we will gain.

So a little explanation about Forex. We hope to provide an overview and understanding of the Forex. Hopefully this article can be useful.