Here I will discuss about how to be successful with Stock Forex broker. Shares is the unit value or bookkeeping in a variety of financial instruments which refers to part ownership of a company. By issuing shares, allows companies that require long-term funding to 'sell' interest in business-shares (equity securities) - in exchange for cash money. This is the primary method for increasing the business capital in addition to issuing bonds. Shares sold through the primary market (primary market) or the secondary market (secondary market).

To achieve success in stock, the first thing to be done is the investor must be a client at securities company first. Investors open an account by paying a deposit of IDR 25 million, while others require IDR 15 million and so on. Varying the amount deposited. Basically, the minimum limit or a nominal amount to buy shares does not exist, but in the Indonesia Stock Exchange minimum purchase of 100 shares or 1 lot, for example, the price of company shares worth IDR 100.00 then the minimum funds needed to buy one lot is equal to IDR 10,000, 00 (100 sheets multiplied by IDR 100.00). Sales transactions or purchases can be made on the day of the exchange.

The Method to be Success with Forex Broke

PT ONG FIRST TRADITION FUTURES is one of the forex brokers in Indonesia are located in the building housing CI MB Niaga Lt. 2, Street. Gen. Sudirman Number. 58, Village Senayan, Sub district Gaborone New, South Jakarta 12190.

Thus, in order to succeed in stock you should diligently check and update the market development of market competition analysis.