The computer network is a collection of computers connected computers so that each computer can share data and files. Computer networks useful in helping the processing and mobility of the data, with the computer network of data processing can be done more quickly intervening Because The Data is processed by multiple computers. Computer networks can be divided into Several kinds adapted to function, network type, and the scope of the computer network. In this post I will explain the types of computer networks as follows.
Types Of Computers Networks

1. Local Area Network (LAN). LAN is a computer network covering a local area. LAN is usually used in a building, campus, cafes, and offices. LAN range is very small Because It Reaches only about 100 meters in a local area.

2. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). MAN is a computer network that is large enough. MAN can cover a Metropolitan City. MAN networks can reach distances up to 50 kilometers. MAN network usually used within a government network to send the data in one institution to another institution.

3. Wide Area Network (WAN). WAN is a computer network that is greater than MAN. WAN network can reach distances between continents. Networks can connect a country to another.

4. Internet. The Internet is a service that can connect all the computers in the world. The Internet is a network connecting computers are most Often used in the world. Internet service enables a computer network without using wires. Very flexible access from the internet without knowing the area and distance. In today's Internet has Become everyone's needs. With the Internet we can access the data and information very Easily. Internet eliminates all the problems and obstacles information.

Is as it kind of type of computer network in general. Actually there are more types of networks of the which I will discuss in another post. Computer network enables the exchange of the data on each computer, so that if your computer within a computer network connected Make sure you have anti-virus protection or to Prevent transmission of the virus from another computer. In addition, you must keep the security of the data and information on your computer, not to be used-and-see-able by others. Hope it is useful.