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Computer processing of data is a machine the which is very important in the modern times. Computers are used in all fields and human needs. Computers are used in education, banking, government, enterprises, and other fields. One of the effects of modernization is the emergence of computerization in all areas. With the computerization of all the work will be easy, and effective and efficient. Now we do not require a lot of paperwork scattered in desk, just a computer

A computer will be more useful if it is connected to a computer network. Computer network is an implementation of the computer so that the computer merging the process of data transmission on each computer connected. Computer networks allow communication on every computer, so the computer network Often used within a company and Also government organizations. The goal is that at fact within an enterprise organization with each manager of other managers will relate to each other, so it takes a computer that can transmit communication between managers with each other manager.
Ilustration of Computer Network

The concept of computer networks. The basic concept of a computer network is to create a computer network system so that a computer can Interact with other computers. Media computer network utilizing wired or wireless signal to connect any existing computer. Each computer in the computer network will be set by the Internet Protocol (IP) on any computer. IP address is used as the identity on each computer, of course IP on each computer will be different, and it will not find the same IP on a computer a computer in the computer network.

Data Transmission. Transmission of the data on each computer can take place in a computer network. Data transmission is the main function of a computer network. With the computer network of course Allows us to share files and the data to all connected computers in the computer network. Very importance of data transmission within an organization, with the data transmission function of a manager in a company will not need to contact directly when giving orders to his subordinates, but the manager can Utilize computer networks to send commands to the employees.

The above description is the basic concept of computer networks, computer networks will be Able to facilitate the work of man Become more effective and efficient. The next post will be Described on the knowledge and other information about the computer network. Hopefully this article can be useful.