The operating system (OS) is a system that is very helpful and facilitate the user in performing the activities in the computer. The operating system is part of a computer that can not separated as a Spearhead that play a role in operating a computer system, there are many operating systems that can be used to run the operating system on a computer such as MAC OS, LINUX and WINDOWS but nowadays Instant confirmation the most famous and used is the Windows operating system.

Since the advent of the Windows operating system, used Instant confirmation window and undergone many changes and new breakthroughs so that the Windows operating system more known and used.
In addition to what I have said above, the Windows operating system supports many applications that can be used in the Windows operating system, so that we as consumers feel the ease and comfort for all things work inside the computer. Era-by-era Windows operating system is growing more Rapidly to create the latest windows like windows XP. 

Windows's Logo

Windows XP first very well-known and Discussed for convenience provided by Windows XP, but the distribution of windows launching the latest windows windows 7.Windows 7 was Launched in 2009 ago but until now this windows 7 is still used and exist Among computer users. Besides easy to use windows 7 is very complete with latest features features Compared to Windows XP. In addition to the Windows operating system privileges are still many problems that cause the caused by broken windows quickly intervening Several factors such as viruses.

Continues how to take care of the windows in order to REMAIN well preserved ??

Here I will try to explain and give tips on how to care for the Windows operating system, as follows:

First, install the application windows that we need quite a few operating systems that have a multi-function, installation of many applications of applications and programs will Affect the speed, performance and a performance of your computer.

Second, create a system restore to block and Anticipate everything the damage the caused by windows, this method can Anticipate and reduce the damage if the damage is not so severe windows.

Third, delete files that are not needed and it takes anymore in your computer such as the recycle bin and the rest of the installation Because the rest of the trash can slow down and Affect the performance of the computer, or it can be cleaned using an application utility applications that exist in other free web sites. Make cleaning a maximum of 2 weeks.

Fourth, do not install the application program application that its origins are unclear and do not install the application related to boot Because It will slow down your computer.

Fifth, install anti-virus application Applications Assured quality and the least you can Prevent the computer from malicious virus attacks that can damage your computer. You can see how to clean up a virus on my blog article.

Sixth, do not be too install games too much Because in addition to damaging your keyboard but can damage your operating system.

Seventh, do not let your laptop or computer is powered on for more than 6-8 hours a day as it may damage your computer.

Eighth, turn off your computer According to the rules and steps off the computer that is good and right in order to keep your computer maintained and properly maintained