Types Aplications Based On Their Functions...


Application is a collection of application programming language syntax that is structured so that it can be used to solve a problem. Applications are available at this time reach millions and even billions, each application made for a specific purpose to help the life and work of man. Application itself is divided into Several types based on its function. No one called the Program Application, Operating System, and Programming Languages. On this occasion I will discuss the definition and the differences between application programs, operating systems, and programming languages.

1. Application Program. Application program is an application created for a specific purpose. Application programs can be accessed directly by the user, Because The Application Program is the type of applications that Interact directly with the user. Application program very many species, there are in a processing application program numbers, text processing application program, the application program audio processing, video processing application programs, image processing applications, and so forth.
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Application Programs nature there are paid and some are free. Application programs are paid usually have better features than the free Application Program. Paid Application Program created by a software developer to be distributed throughout the world with a license that must be paid by the user to use it. Application free programs are usually intended for public use. Application Generally free program has the quality and facilities under paid Compared to the application program.

2. Operating Systems. Operating system is software that is responsible for managing all the resources available on the computer. Operating system connecting all the user's application programs, managing the hardware, as well as being the liaison between the user application program. Operating System itself many kinds. Operating systems are the most famous in the world that is Microsoft, Linux, and Macintosh. Windows is the operating system most used Instant confirmation Because the windows are very easy to use and a lot of facilities provided by the windows for the user.

3. Programming Languages. Programming Language is an application used to create a program. Programming language can present the console is provided for the programmer to create an application program. Programming language itself many kinds, and now Programming Language programming language popping up more and more new and increasingly Easier for programmers in making the application program. Paid Programming Language is Often a choice because of a programming language, programmers are paid very pro and Easier to use by programmers.

Such a definition and some of the differences between application programs, operating systems, and programming languages. Each application is made for a specific purpose in accordance with programmers and users who will use it. Hopefully this article useful in understanding the software-based function.