What is the cpu (central processing unit) ??

CPU or central processing unit of a computer is the brain that plays an important role in a computer or computer hardware also understands and executes commands and the data from the software. Also cpu serves as a controller and regulator in a computer. However CPU does not run activities activities as had instructed, because the CPU has an important part in the CPU part.

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The CPU functions as a calculator function as a calculator but here is the amount of calculation processing. Its play function is to do arithmetic and logical operations on the Data retrieved from the memory or the information input into the computer via the computer hardware (input device). CPU controlled by computer software that consists of a set of instructions-instructions. The first instruction is stored in the memory (RAM), where instruction is given instructions by a specific address of memory called a memory address. Hereinafter CPU can access the data in RAM to Determine Certain Earlier addresses in the memory.

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Devices on the CPU in the CPU there are several sections and each function is interconnected items, namely:

Power supply
Power supply is a device that is in the CPU the acts as a conduit or flow of electrical current to all of the computer equipment. Power supply has more than 5 connector that can connect to a variety of computer equipment, such as to:
Hard disk
Floppy disk drive

The motherboard or main board, the circuit board serves to control the traffic data of its path so that no collision of data also connects each component on the computer. The motherboard has systematic path paths that connect one component to another. On the motherboard there is a slot or socket for input or output media such as memory slots, processor sockets, etc. pseudo IDE connector to place the component parts are arranged neatly in a motherboard. And the motherboard is stored in a box called the CPU or casing.

The hard drive is large-capacity storage medium in a computer. Usually there is a file on the hard disk system and data. Hard drives play consists of three parts. Namely: a magnetic disc, mechanical parts, as well as the head that serves as a reader in the hard disk.
As for the types harddisk
  • ATA
  • SATA
  • SCSI

Processor is the brain as a computer controller that is fully supported by the device other.processor is an IC that controls the overall operations of a computer system to perform calculations and execute commands from the user (users). Located on the motherboard processor socket that has been provided by the motherboard. Processor has a huge influence on speed a computer.

VGA card
Vga card is component of computer contained on the motherboard socket function displays a visual image to the screen.

CD or DVD room
Cd room or DVDs is unit computer that can store the data that is frequently used to reinstall the computer.

Data cable
Freshly prepared roommates a data cable to connect the computer equipment computer components spayed interconnected and cooperate in running order.

Card LAN (local area network)
Land card or a network card that serves to connect one computer to another, can also connect your computer to the Internet network via tail switch hub.lan card slot located on the motherboard.

UTP cable
Utp cable serves as a liaison between computers through LAN card.

RAM (random access memory)

Ram is a computer component that serves as a storage medium of data simultaneously processing user instructions instructions ordered. RAM is temporary so when the computer is off, the data in the RAM will be lost, unlike room, that the data will be stored even if the computer is off.