technology and communications in today's world of computer networks Also are experiencing rapid development in both the models and tools that support the development of computer networks. On this occasion I will explain about the optical networking. Optical Networking is the latest breakthrough is used in updating computer networks. Implementation of optical networking is the use of optical fibers embedded in a computer network that makes the process of data transmission that goes into more effective and efficient.

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The use of optical fibers in optical networking is as a means of processing large amounts of the data with very fast time without experiencing an interruption / constraints. Fiber optic cable is used to replace the copper wires that serve as a means of the data transmission. Optic fiber cables can handle a shortage of copper in the transmission process where copper wiring has shortcomings in slow the data transfer and high loss factor.
Optical Networking
Some of the advantages optic cables in computer networks include, among others :
  • Optic Cables can deliver the data at very high speeds
  • Optic Cables Fiber optic cables have the diameter smaller than the copper cables and lighter Also
  • Optic Cable Attenuation in are relatively small so a repeater segment Becomes longer
  • Optic cables are immune to electromagnetic induction
  • Optic Cables safe against electrical hazards
  • Optic Cables have the capacity can be added after the cable is attached
  • Using optic cable Data confidentiality is guaranteed
  • Has the economic value Optic Cables
  • Optic Cables have low crosstalk
  • Optic Cables will not rust
  • Optic Cables strong against high Temperatures

In a simple process that Occurs in the Data transmission optic cable harness in the which the electromagnetic waves in a simple depiction can be Described as flat monochromatic wave. Light in optic cable has several important characteristics in the which reflection and reflaction OPTOELECTRONICS. The fiber optic light propagating within the fiber optic through a number of different paths. Different light path is called the mode of a fiber optic. Thus Spake a basic introduction of the optical network computer, may be useful in gaining insights into computer networks.