Centralized Server

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Namely the central server computer network that provides wide computer network as well as providing certain services in a network service system computer. Normally device server is supported by the hardware or software that has the capacity and high-quality to be able to process all client activity quickly. The server also comes with certain systems such as network operating system made specifically for servers. A server must have hardware and software that is efficient and administratively capable of controlling all network activity on a network server periodically server and all available resources in a network server. The central server can share resources to a client connected to the server by providing free access service but comes with restrictions restrictions of the server.

In the server operating system, there are several kinds of services be given to the client server architecture client / server. For example DHCP server mail server HTTP server and other public services server Brazilians possessed by each server. The client will respond to the server to request the service service. DHCP client will ask for a request to the DHCP server to run the DHCP service of the order to provide connection services to the client. When the client requires an IP address of the client, the client requests a request to the server in order to provide the request or so-called IP address. For example, the operating system that evolved from start to windows server that supports server until now almost all clients have specific server. the cline connect to the server using UTP cable in a network of computers that end plugged the cord or plug connector rj45 network between the client computer to the server using a computer network card in the form of a PCI or ISA card.

The function and purpose server that can be seen from the usability of the server as an application server that is sharing application to client, an application that can save use for back by lien. Way data server activity is sending or receiving data, storing data that can be accessed by client applications and client data. And a divider proxy server proxy server to the client in order to communicate and set the course of the data traffic as well as setting proxy settings can be called by the client or the client computers connect to the server computer. 

As well as additional functions from the server to find the site internet share knowledge and data storage in a rapid, precise and accurate.