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For those of you in the website must have been acquainted with the hosting. The usefulness of the hosting place to install a CMS (Content Management System). It turns out that the hosting type selection also affects the speed of access to the website that he had made.

Following this there are 4 types of hosting You must know:

1. Share Hosting

Shared Hosting is a hosting server that can be used together in the same – also in the sharing, in this server there are usually a few domain names with different ownership, which differentiate from the use of this server is the user account that has a username and password is different, the cost to rent a server hosting is cheap compared with the other server types , so for those of you who are still novices are extremely suitable to rent the server hosting this one.

2. Virtual Private Server (VPS)
VPS is usually referred to as a Virtual Dedicated Server is a server that is split – divided into a virtual machine, so in one computer server there are some server operating systems, certainly in ownership between the operating systems each other different. to hire a hosting server of this type is more expensive than renting a shared hosting, but in terms of quality service discretion using them better than the York hosting.
Get To Know The Different Kinds Of Hosting Server

3. Dedicated Server
The server that this one is usually used for storage applications that are greater than the Share Hosting or VPS, so users of the rent in its entirety from the computer server that is provided by my webhost. discretion in using computer servers this more fully, both in terms of hardware or software.

4. Server Colocation
Colocation Server is a server that is used for the purposes of webhost, so if you want to have a business computer hosting web Colocation Server rented then it can to support your efforts, of course, the price offered by the provider was more expensive than the type of server that before – before.
You already know the overview of computer server hosting, and if you intend on hosting server business, a hefty funds used to prepare many, hehehehe, but for beginners there is another alternative that is by becoming a hosting reseller. and for those of you who intend to rent the servers hosting the following tips can be a material consideration.