OSI reference model (International for standardization Organization) that is part of the architecture of computers made by OSI role in a network of computers to solve  design problem in a computer with detecting components of computer components to the device between vendors as well as provide some standardization that could be used by many vendors in creating devices The. OSI consists of several components or layers that can be used by the vendor. OSI is divided into two parts: Upper layer (application layer) and the lower layer (data transport layer).The upper layer is a collection of applications in a host of applications that can be used by the user to communicate or connect with other users in a network. The lower layer is the application data that is able to send data or information messages to other users in a network. Application layer is the interface or interfaces directly between user and computer. application layer has the function to identify all the interfaces that communicate from the communication partner, some application layer  telnet. 

Telnet is an application that can help users in accessing resource a machine from a remote machine.FTP (file transfer protocol) is a program that serves to transmit data or documents to many hosts in a network.DNS (domain name system) is a computer or a machine domain address of the computer in the form of a database.SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol) is a computer program that manages all associated with the delivery of e-mails within computer networks. 

SNTP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is a computer program that functions controlling all activities connected equipment devices in a computer network.Presentation layer system is a computer application that provides multiple data presentation, code is entered into the application layer and is able to convert several different formats in the computer code as PITCT, JPEG MPEG etc.Session layer system is a computer application program that is capable of coordinating the activities of the course of communication between systems in a network and be able process management, disconnection and control dialog between computers in a computer network.

Transport layer system is a computer application that is capable process upper layer of data ordering, shipping segment, and the determination of the relationship between hosts and guarantee data delivery processes appropriately and safely.Network layer is a computer application system is capable of performing a routing mechanism and management system through network against computer networks.The data link layer is a functioning computer application system sends a message to another host in the form of frames as well as the delivery in a computer network.Physical layer is a computer application system that functions to send and receive bits. And serve the needs of different user requirements across different physical systems