Nowadays in creating or forming a network is indeed very easy it is supported by components are accessible and used. One very important component in a network is fiber optic cable. Maybe some people never hear optic cable but does not know how to shape and function for anything. Fiber optic cable is a cable network that is the most advanced and high-quality than all the existing cable network. Fiber optic cable is made of glass and plastic is very smooth with 3 parts coated with less wiring.

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This cable capable of transmitting the data using light signals or Referred by laser or LED. This cable is very classy with high quality Because it has a wide data path so as to transmit the data quickly intervening and accurately without any obstruction and is suitable for use in telecommunications networks, especially networks and fiber office. Science and technology development streaking market is mainly used in the industry and other industries offices Because it can Communicate and control remotely. And the Pier optical communication networks and the Internet can be used worldwide. Fiber optic cable IS ALSO small and light and resistant to electromagnetic interference and interference of radio waves so it is very safe to use in the creation of a network.

Basically the optical fiber to reflect and refract light that propagates in a number of fast it with and efficiency of the optical fiber is determined by the purity of the material making up the glass. The purer glass in getting more and more Rapidly absorbed by the optical fiber, so that when making deliveries or telephone conversations or internet through fiber optics, analog signals are concatenated into a digital signal. A laser transmitter on one end of the cable perform on / off signal to transmit each bit. Each end of the fiber optic Possessed two functions: first end and a second end of the input data such processing the data until there is a unity in the fiber optics so it is very fast in transmitting data. Fiber optic cable must have components that support optical cables so that Becomes perfect.
The Fiber Optics So It Is Very Fast In Transmitting Data

Light carrier of information
Light carrier of this information is the basis or the initial system can communication, this light is a natural components roomates are very efficient and has many advantages and can be used to intelligently can carry the data very quickly intervening with the groove of data very wide so the sooner in the transmitting of data, especially to Communicate over long distances.

Optical Transmitter (Transmitter)
Optical Transmitter is a basic component that acts as the clerk to transmit light signals into the carrier medium. This process Occurs in the conversion of analog and digital signals that make up a light signal to transmit data.

Fiber optic cables
Fiber optic cable is the primary role in this discussion. This light guide cable from the beginning to the destination location Local. This cable is similar to electric cables, but has its own advantages roomates have a light transmission protective

Optical regenerator / amplifier / repeater
Optical regenerator / amplifier / repeater is a signal amplifier that light can propagate well. Optical regenerator / amplifier / repeater

Optical receiver (Receiver)
Optical receiver has the task to capture all of the light transmitted by the optical transmitter. After the light captured from fiber optic media, then this signal will be decoded digital signals into the which is none other than the information being sent. Once decoded, the digital electrical signal was transmitted to process system such as the television, to computers, to telephones, and many other digital devices. This optical receiver is usually in the form of a light sensor such as photocell atauphotodiode very sensitive and sensitive to changes in light.