The server is a host computer system in the which the computer is connected to the client computer in a particular network that Communicate with each other but are limited by the rights of certain restricted by the server. Server Also be regarded as a service provider that serves clients hold all activities connected with the server where the server is in charge of controlling, serving and grant permissions to the client to be Able to Communicate with each other. Servers typically have a very large supporting capacity ranging from hardware to software servers. The server uses a special operating system or Certain to be a network operating system. Servers in a country is an asset that is most important Because The center assault or blocking an attack depends on the server.
The Server Is a Host Computer System

The server is Able to organize any activity of the data nets in their networks despite having many clients are connected. Although the client is connected with less server but the client can not log onto a server or the know the course of the traffic data Because the server has a limit of Certain restrictions on the client. Usually the server at align in the Safest place to guard and regularly so that the server does not have a virus or hacker will sever tissue damage. If the server is exposed to a virus or hacker interference, then automatically the client can not Communicate or Interact properly Because the server is the center of all the central computer.
Server jugs usually associated with a server computer. Server and server computers said to be Similar or the same but in a different reality, computer server only served as a server and set up another computer in a network computer are like a server, as well as in an agency company or industry. The server computer used as the internal memory is assigned as a data storage of critical data that is badly needed by the client computer if a time the the data is needed. Similarly, the main server is a computer server must Also equipped with a very large supporting capacity of the start of the processor, RAM, hard drive and so forth.

The device of the server computer must have strong endurance and reliability are very high Because It must capable withstand Temperatures high heat under pressure clients who Communicate continuously if the server is not Able to survive In These conditions, the server computer will be affected or impaired over - as heating / hang. So to avoid that requires the strong support some aspects of the performance of the server computer in order to REMAIN stable and secure in situations append. Often we find daily lives without us knowing computer servers. as in a cafe where the computer server located in the Internet cafe billing guard who is capable of knowing all the activities of the client computer that is being connected to the internet and Able to turn off the client computer is directly without pressing the button turn off the client computer. That's the greatness of a central server and a server computer.