Software Defined Networking

In the construction of a computer network, there are Several devices to be prepared Including a computer - a computer that acts as a client and a server. Not only the hardware devices but Also we have to prepare a software roomates has been linked in a network processing. Software related to the course as a process of interaction between the face and the transaction processing and the data transmission Occurs in a computer network. Networking software in real adjusted based computer network established so it can not be installed freely but must be adjusted based forms of network topology is created. The following software is used by network topology.

Software in the Client Server Network. Client server network, Instant confirmation is the most used network in the world. Client server network needed two types of computers that act as a client and a server, client server network topology is usually made on a firm business such as schools, units of the institution of government, university, or company. The smallest client server network requires at least two computers as a client and a server, but not limited to client server network that can have Thousands of client with a server that has a high specification so as to serve all the requests from the client computer.

In the management of computer networks with client-server topology is Generally used Several networking software applications as follows:
  • Nevell NetWare
  • Windows Server
  • Banyan VINES
  • Billing system

Client Sever Networking  actually implemented a network server in all types of topologies so that the software used in the client server network IS ALSO used in all types of computer networks. There are Several advantages and disadvantages in a client-server computer network. Excess client server network that is in full control of the network can be monitored and regulated by the server computer so that when there is interference or system errors can be detected and corrected Immediately by the server computer. Weakness in the client server network that is in need of high-cost or budget in the construction of the system Because it takes a variety of devices needed to connect the server and client computers. In the development of client-server network takes some software as follows:
  1. JUNOS to run hardware such as routers and switches manufactured by Juniper Networks
  2. Cisco IOS
  3. Timos to run routers made by Alcatel-Lucent
  4. VRP (Versatile Routing Platform) to run the hardware routers made by Huawei
  5. Embedded Linux
  6. ZyNOS
  7. ExtremeXOS
  8. Cumulus Linux
  9. Dell Networking Operating System
Actually, there are still some software related to the Development of computer networks, but the which we describe in this post is the basic software used in computer networks. Hopefully this post can be useful.

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