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Computer network is a network that allows one computer to the other computer, to exchange files or data. The purpose of the network is the computer can be the occurrence of any part of a computer network can request and provide services. Of the party requesting the service called the client and provide / send a service called server. In the world of network is called a client-server system, and the system is often used in computer network applications 

May be described Two computers, each of which has a network card, and then connected via a wired or wireless or (wifi) as a medium for data transmission, and there is a network operating system software will establish a computer network that simple. 

Computer Network, there are several network topologies following explanation:
Network Topology

  • Topology Star
Topology star  is each workstation connected to each other directly to the hub or server. The star topology memeiliki excellence is in this star topology with a separate cable for each workstation to a server, the bandwidth or bandwidth in the wired communications will be widened so it will improve overall network performance. And there are also disadvantages of a star topology is probably larger cable compared to other topologies topology.
  • Topology Ring
Is a ring topology is a topology in which each point connected to the other points, thus forming a circular ring topology such as a ring, so the ring topology if there is a point where there are disturbed and can intrude into the computer sharing.
  • Topology Bus
Bus topology is finished on both ends of the network must be terminated with a terminator, a barrel connector can also be used to enlarge or expand. on this bus topology consists of only one cable channel using a BNC cable, and a computer that wants to connect to the network can link or connect with ethernetnya along the cable. This bus topology is often found on client / server system, so one machine on the network difungsika as a file server, which means that this engine specifically for the distribution of data and walkin only be used for processing.