As the times toward the modern needs of the higher cloud services, giving rise to a new market with a global reach. Cloud services can remove the limitations of distance and time, so that everyone can connect with each other without the distance and time with internet access. Cloud services have been utilized in various needs of each person so that a business opportunity with huge potential for the developers who Utilize cloud services.

Utilization of cloud services promote economic progress and a positive impact in people's lives. One of the positive impact that is of increasing mobility of the data and information in global scope. In general, the use of cloud services in an effort to cover as big data processing services, digital marketing services, E- Commerce, Gaming, and Government Services. The explanation is as follows.

Big Data. A very large storage of data requires large seta secure, the reason is the driving factor company or agency to secure Reviews their data. Cloud services Ensure the security of the data is from all the factors that can be a nuisance both from within and from outside. Cloud service providers Generally provide security at big data stored by the client in their computer cloud.

Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is a new venture container Arising from the development of systems and internet services. Many companies engaged in the field of digital marketing to promote the goods or services they have in the internet. Many role cloud computing services provider of digital marketing needs of the actors to deliver offers or advertising to increase of sales of goods or services they offer.

E-Commerce. E-Commerce is part of the digital marketing. E-Commerce is an online market to market various products and services to all people around the world. E-commerce business has developed very Rapidly, so that access and cloud computing service provider for the development of e-commerce system has Increased Significantly.

Gaming. Everyone needs entertainment, and today, that people no longer need to leave home for entertainment. Online game Becomes very rapid trend, in line with the needs of the online gaming increase of cloud computing service providers to provide facilities such as online gaming server that serves as a data storage device service providers and service provider's 24-hour access to the online game users.

Government Services. Governments take advantage of cloud computing services for business progress and to run the government. With the cloud-based government services, the business process will be implemented within a scope of the country. Selection of cloud services for government services would have to have high specifications and a data processing capabilities for the server must be Able to a accommodate and manage the demands of all citizens.

Cloud Computing has Become a requirement in various activities. A company that is large in absolute need of cloud computing services for the data processing and online services that can be implemented for the benefit goes wherever the company operates.

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