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Understanding the topology of the network computer is a way or concept to link some or many computers at once into a network that inter-connected. And every kind of computer network topology will be different in terms of the speed of sending data, the cost of manufacture, as well as the ease of its maintenance in the process. And also any type of computer network topology has advantages and drawbacks of each. There are many kinds of such topology ring topology, bus, star, mesh, and the tree will be discussed

1. Ring topology
On ring topology every computer in the connect to another computer and so on until it is returned to the first computer, and formed the circle so called ring topology data to communicate using the token to control access rights to the computer to receive data, for example a computer 1 sends the file to the computer 4, then the data will pass through the computer 2 and 3 until receipt by the computer 4 , so a computer would continue sending data if the destination IP Address is not him.
The advantages of computer network topology ring is at ease in mounting and installation process, use the number of lan cable slightly so it will save costs.
The most fatal flaws of this topology is, if one of the computer or its troubled cable, then the data delivery will be interrupted even error.
2. Bus Topology
Computer network topology bus arranged neatly like a queue and use only one coaxial cable and any computer connected to the cable using BNC connectors, and both ends of the coaxial cable must be terminated by the terminator.
The advantages of a bus similar to the ring, namely the cable used is not much and save the cost of the installation.
Bus topology is a shortage in case of interruption or problem on one computer can interfere with other computer networks, and for this topology is very difficult to detect the disorder, often occurrence data queues, and if the distance is too far to have to use a repeater.
3. The Star Topology
This topology is formed like a star because of all of the computer in the connect to a hub or switch with UTP cable, so that the hub/switch is the center of the network and served to control the traffic data, so if the computer 1 wants to send data to the computer 4, data will be sent to the switch and directly send it to the destination computer without passing through another computer. Computer network topology this is the most widely used now because of its more.
The advantages of this topology is very easy to detect which computer experienced a disruption, it's easy to do addition or subtraction of a computer without disturbing the others, as well as the security level of a higher, data.
The drawback to this is computer network topology, requiring high costs for installation, because it requires a lot of wiring and switch/hub, and network stability depends very much on the Center terminal, so that if the switch/hub is experiencing interference, then the entire network will be disrupted.
4. Mesh topology
In this topology, each computer will connect with other computers in the network using single cable, so the process of sending data will directly reach the destination computer without going through the other computer or the switch or hub.
The advantages are faster delivery and process without going through another computer, if one computer is damaged will not interfere with your other computers.
Disadvantages of this topology is obvious, it will take very much cost because it requires the amount of cable that very much and every computer should have an i/o Port that a lot too, besides the installation process is very complicated.
5. Topology Tree
Computer network topology Tree is a combination of several star topology that was briefly engaged with bus topology, so each topology star topology star will be connected to the other using the bus topology, topology, there are usually multiple levels of the network, and a network that is at a higher level can control network that is on the lower level.
Tree topology advantages is easy to find a fault and also easy to make changes to the network if necessary.
His deficiency that is using a lot of cables, often occur collisions and slow, if an error occurs at the network level is high, then low level network will be compromised as well.
Still there is another topology that haven't I discussed above, but here's some frequently used topology, select topology according to your needs and hopefully this article helped you, see you.