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CHAP C-Frame Transfer type molding machine is ideally suited for producing difficult-to-mold rubber products, like those with metal insert, complex shape, big cross section and thick wall.
Made using innovative technologies, our C-Frame Transfer type molding machine has been awarded several national patents (Patent No.: ZL 03230397.3, ZL200420110566.1 and ZL200620105181.5).

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Features :
CHAP frame transfer molding machine uses automatic mould in/out mechanism and 3RT injector system, which not only effectively reduces the labor intensity but also avoids man-made damage to the mould.
It adopts imported high pressure pump and middle-high pressure vane pump combination, controlled by a proportional pressure& flow composite valve. The oil circuit is reasonably configured, with low noise and energy consumption.
The clamping cylinder clamps mould first, and then the injection cylinder presses rubber material into the mould cavity uniformly. This helps ensure the dimension precision and stable performance of the rubber products.
The electrical system adopts full computer control, so the operation is very easy and convenient. Users can choose Siemens or Mitsubishi PLC control, 5.7-inch touch screen.
The main moving platen rises rapidly, clamps slowly and descends quickly. This helps increase production efficiency and protect the mould.
The hydraulic cylinder uses patented cylinder composite sealing device (Patent No.:ZL03220060.3), ensuring reliable sealing and long service life.
 Based on the patent technology of turn board structure open tank (Patent No.:ZL200620105181.5), the oil tank is user-friendly and convenient to maintain.

CHAP is a primary C-Frame Transfer type molding machine manufacturer based in China. We mainly produce vacuum rubber vulcanizing machine, rubber transfer molding machine, plastic injection molding machine and rotary table injection molding machine. Our products are EC and CQC certified, and they are well accepted by customers from Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, East Asia, Middle East, and other regions. In addition, our location in Ningbo City, provides us with easy access to convenient transportation, which reduces our transportation cost, enabling us to offer quality products at economical prices. If you are in need of our products, please contact us. Our staff is ready and waiting to serve you. Stahl is all about new technologies. Technologies that enable us to create future-proof, durable yet sustainable Polymers that can be used to create coatings, paints, varnishes, sealants, building chemicals, inks or adhesives. Water- & bio-based technology and APEO-free, VOC-free, solvent-free and label-free solutions enable us to develop better technologies. Better for the environment, better for our people and better for business.

Carbodiimide Crosslinkers
Water-based chemistry and sustainable polymers have played an important role in the development of Stahl Polymers technologies. As one of the first companies to create APEO-free resins for a multitude of indoor and outdoor surface treatments, we have built a strong portfolio of products and technologies that comply with and go beyond current legislation. Our knowledge and expertise of carbodiimide crosslinkers makes Stahl Polymers a perfect partner to help you to get your portfolio more sustainable.

Product diversity
Our product and technology portfolio in bio- & water-based solutions truly shows Stahl Polymers knowledge and ambition to help our partners to create a better and more transparent industry. Products and technology ranging from:

Sustainable products
Bio-based polymers
Water-based resins
Water-based acrylics
APEO-Free chemistry
Water-based polyurethanes
VOC-free chemistry
Solvent-free binders
Matt binders
Carbodiimide Crosslinkers
Label-free technology
Architectural coatings
Wood coatings
Furniture coatings
Coil and industrial metal coatings
Anti corrosion coatings
Automotive plastics chemistry
Graphic arts
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